Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going hunting

The hunting season has arrived and he's starting his long journey to the interior lands, where anything can't survive the rest of the year. Anything except the Reptaceus, the giant inhabitant of the desert. In order to hunt the Reptaceus, the hunter first has to get a Blukh, a very rare mollusk to use it as a bait. The male Bluhk, when alerted of the presence of a female specimen on his proximity, segregates a substance which odour allures the reptaceus like anything else, and that's the moment when the hunter tries to cacth him. He fails to do it 80% of the times, but when he succeeds, he can return to Anshkham, the city of the white domes, the governator's palaces, who is known for his excentric gastronomic tastes. There, the hunter can sell the reptaceus eyes, the only part of the beast that is not poisonous and is very appreciated for its exquisite flavour and texture. The governator's soldiers will pay generously for the eyes, so that they can offer them scalloped to their boss and obtain his favors. With the money he gets in the sale, he can live the rest of the year dedicating his time to what he really likes: to breed voltrons, the animals used primarily as individual transporters, but also in the dune races. The hunter owns some of the fastest voltrons in the city and he hopes to win the races after he came back of the hunting journey.